Tuesday, June 14, 2011

An Abecedarius


All bets cancelled,
deriving, each,
from geometry. However, I jealously keep
long memories nearby.
Old pathways question returning signs.
Two under Virgo. Wait.
Examining yet. Zero.


Adamite brother, Cathar, Dutch ensorceling fantasist?
Given his imagery—jarring, kooky, lushly maverick,
no one perspective’s quite right.  
Sees the underworld vividly
with extraordinary yellowtailed zeppelins.

Cabinet of Curiosities

A box containing delirium: Edward Fifth’s genitalia,
Hadrian’s incunabula, Jurassic kitsch, little
mermaid nails, one perfect quincunx, rare silver trident
uncovered via water,  Xenophorae, yellowed zoetropes.


Atrocious Beezelbubian cabal dines eagerly,
flashing grins. Heartless innards juxtapose
kid-like manners. Not only perpetrating
queer rogueries—spoiling tea-time, using virgins,
wailing expletives—yellowish zits.


Able-bodied cavemen, dodos eschewing flight,
giant, hardly indefatigable jujitsuing kraken,
lethal Medusa, necromancers, ouroboros,
pterodactyls.  Quaggas—rakishly striped. Thylacines.
Us? Verily we’ll expire. Yikes—zapped!


Argue. Bitch. Carp. Demean.
Erect far-fetched generalities. Hoist inane jeremiads.
Kick lighthearted moments, never offer praise.
Quote rotten sonnets; take upsetting vacations.
Wax xenophobic. Yell zealously.


Attics beckoned Cuthbert. Dark, eerie, flamily gothic.
His inamorata Jacintha K. loved matadors.
Nightly Ouija-ing pleased Quigley: raising spirits
then undressing Vivian who excelled yearning, zoomorphing.


Ancient boatmaster Charon delivers each ferried ghost.
Hell inflicts justice: Karma lashes malefactors’ nine outrages.
Persephone— Queen reluctant—snared
there underground. Virtue will exile you zenithal.


All brides connote death—
every fantasy girl harbored
inside just kills lived memories.
Night opens, posing questions,
risks sentences that upend various
wisdoms, except your Zoroastrianism.


Antic bozo capers, derides—
elementary fool goads highfalutin individuals.
Joker, Kalulu, Loki— monkey natures
oft prophetic quilting rebuses, sense.
Tricksters use vagarious wiles exploiting your zanyism.


Apoplectic, black-complected deity. Eccentric, freaky garlands—
heads! Intoxicater—jousts; kills like mother nature.
Outworn perspectives quashed. Radically, she torpedoes
unbalanced views, wages extreme yajna. Zowie.


A Borgesian conceit delineating everyman’s fate.
Gods hover ineffectually.
Jesters, kings, laity, me—nobody’s outside. 
Pasiphae’s queer relation stalks there
until vanquisher wrestles,
extricating youth, zealously.

Mr. Rotten

Arch badass cockney. Dagger-eyed fiend.
God, how I junked K-Tel, Lennon, Meatloaf—
nobody outdid Pistols.  Quixotic rogue sang treasons,
unified vassals. Wunderkind— xanthous young zendik.


As burdens can decidedly erect
fistulas, goiters, heartache; I justifiably kiss
lovely men, never old philanderers, quisling
rats. Sweet tenderness, unless verboten, will
exercise your Zen.


A better climax doesn’t equal fine gentlemen.
Hardly. I jest killers love me nicer.
Onanism pacifies qualms. Ride snake tongues
until very weary. Extra yummy zings.


A bright cormorant dives. Each feather glistens.
Hillsides in juniper, kine. Leaves mantle
nearby oaks. Picture quietly roaming shepherds.
Thinking undermines vistas—woefully expecting you.


Alchemical base. 
Cross-dressing element following from god Hermes.
It’s intelligence jumping, kindling, linking.  
Mercury nowadays: Oddball precessing planet.
Past: Quietly returning souls to the underworld,
valiant with willow-wand, exceptional extricater;
yield of Zeus.


Augustus brought Caesar divinity, enraging
foes. Goodbye hateful ingrates. Julius’s kin
learned mercy next. Oh, perhaps quintessential ruler. 
Senatorial traitors unhinged. 
Very well. Excellence yields zest. 


At bedtime Camilla doesn’t easily
forget. Gets heavily into Jungian knitting:
links meaningful nodes, observes patterns.
Questions reigning structures, tracks underground
visions. Whispers excitedly.
Yawns. Zzzs.


Avenging beauty—cagey—demanding eccentric fealty.
“Get head—irritant John!”  King listens,
mesmerized. Nefariously organizes plan. Quite ruthless.
Salome’s talent: Undulating veils. Wily exotic yielding zounds.


Allegory, beautifully conceived. Desired Eden
from grand humanist ideals. Jeepers, kinda’ lovely.
Means no (outright) place. Quixote’s Republic,
Shangrila. True Utopian vision would extinctify yowling zeks.

Von Teese

Artful burlesque coquette, doffing enchantress.
Fishnets, gloves, hemlines—incrementally jettisoned.
Killer legs, milky neck. Oneiric pin-up Queen—
resisting stripper tricks, using vaudeville wiles
exiting your zipper. 


Agile beasts crave dastardly evisceration;
furred ghouls howl in jamboree.
Keening—lauds moon,
nimbly ousts prey.   
Quite regal, sympathetic together;
ululate vertebrate wanderers excite yarns zoological.


Adumbrating boys chosen during eclipses:
Fred guffawed.  Henry ingested junk.
Kingsley listed. 
Michael needed ongoing pandemonium.
Quentin resented sex.
Terence—utterly vacant.
Werner exhumed. Yardley zithered.


As burdens concatenate, drive
each freighted gnash home, it
just kills Larissa—meaning, now’s
odious.  Past qualms remembered
seem trivial, unnerve view when
exposing yesteryear’s zinfandels.


Archers blurt.
Cancer domesticates.
Eager, fickle Gemini gabs.
Goats hoard.
Indecisive, jelly-kneed Librans lounge.
Leo’s magnanimous. 
Narcotics overpower Pisces.
Passionate, quick Rams.
Relentless Scorpio taxes.
Taurus understands vacations.
Virgos worry.
Water-bearers: exceptional yet zany.


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